• Rachelle Rodgers: Cafe Director/ Barista

    Rachelle Rodgers- Info to come
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  • Martha Sullivan: Intercessory Prayer Coordinator

    Martha has been involved at the church for many years and has the heart of a mother towards the congregation.  She continues to give tirelessly and is a true example of servanthood leadership. In addition to her current involvement with the womens ministry and intercessory prayer, she is also a very talented seamstress. Martha has designed all of the banners in the sanctuary and serves as the Costume Director for our annual Christmas production.
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  • Chadd Morgan: Youth Leader

    Chadd has been involved in youth ministry for about 10 years and very much remains a teen at heart. He grew up and lives in Brentwood Borough where he played football in high school.  Chadd has remained active with sports and plays on a local hockey league. He is also part of the tech team Sunday mornings and runs the sound and lighting for worship. "I love working with kids and teaching them what God has in store for their lives." -Chadd 
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  • Kimberly Morgan: Youth Leader & Worship Media Coordinator

    On Sunday morning you can find Kim behind the computer during worship services or hanging out with teens. She has worked in ministry for the past 10 years and has held positions of Youth Intern, Youth Leader, Youth Director, Elder, Girls Ministry Leader and Drama Director.  She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and currently works as an administrative assistant at a local school. "God has blessed me in ministry to work alongside some of my best friends, including my wonderful husband. I am privileged to serve the church and look forward to what God has for the future of New Wine Harvest." -Kim
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  • Mike & Denise Pilarski: Family Event Coordinators

    Mike & Denise have been married for 28 years and live in Brentwood Borough with their three children. Nicole is an administrative assistant at Bradford School, Melissa is a registered nurse at St. Clair Hospital and Jason is a senior at Brentwood High School; all three currently live at home. Family, friends and being invovled in the community is very important part of life for the Pilarski's.    "We are very happy to say that we became official members of New Wine Harvest in 2011, and couldn’t be happier that we made this change in our lives." -Mike & Denise

  • Jessica Von Bloch: Youth Leader                               

    Jessie has been working in youth ministry, in some capacity, for over 10 years and joined the youth ministry team at New Wine Harvest in 2008. She has experience leading middle and high school as well as girls ministry. Her passion for teaching kids extends into her career as a 7th grade math teacher. "God has blessed me with a wonderful husband to work alongside with in ministry and we currently live in Bethel Park." -Jessie
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  • Stephen Von Bloch: Youth Leader                               

    Steve has been working in youth ministry for about 3 years and joined the church in 2009. He grew up in Penn Hills and played a variety of sports in high school. He remains active on a community softball team and is always quick to start a 'pick up' game with the youth. Steve graduated from Duquesne University and works for a lawfirm in Pittsburgh.  "I am blessed to have the opportunity to spread God's word along with my beautiful wife Jessica." -Steve
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  • Diana Colosimo: Director of Childrens Ministry

     Diana is a lifelong resident of the Baldwin Whitehall community, raised in Baldwin Township and now residing in Whitehall with her family. She is married to Jim and has two daughters, Jaime that attends the high school and Lauren that attends the middle school. Her mission is to build a strong program that will teach and reinforce the importance of being a Christian even at a young age.
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  • JoAnn Dowd:  Assistant Director of Childrens Ministry

    Info coming soon...

  • Karen Vinoverski: Nursery Director

    Karen is a life-long resident of Baldwin-Whitehall and has lived in the area for 53 years.  She loves serving God in any capacity she is called to. Karen has served over the years with custodial duties, greeting, drama, choir, Sunday school, nursery, youth, elders, financial board and as director of the nursery. Karen recently said, “I have always loved children. As the years have gone by I am convinced that I will never feel I am too old or that I have served enough.” Karen attended Community College and earned an Associate in Child Development.  She also attended Duquesne University majoring in Early & Special Education.  She has worked at the Western PA School for Blind Children, at Easter Seals and presently at the Kingdom Kids Preschool in Mt. Lebanon.
    “God has blessed me richly through the trials and mountain top moments and I am eternally humbled by my Father God’s love for me. His love is shown towards me every day through my husband Mark and our children and grandchildren.” -Karen
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